Sunday, November 24, 2013

Still, still, still

It's Christmas music time! There is a radio station here that only plays Christmas music during the holidays.  They used to only do it in December but this year they started before Thanksgiving. I actually don't mind because the children love it and it makes th em dance while working in the kitchen which is what we did while cooking today. We had friends from Shanghai over including Annike and her family and we made plans to ditch our husbands and children and go to a boring museum and eat a terrible lunch with no French fries.  The children are just young enough still that this play might work. Except for Child 1 who loves museums.

Blogging on my phone again because I'm too tired to open my laptop. So no pictures,  but Child 1 made a pie tonight that looked better than a brownie, but it wasn't gluten free,  so I couldn't eat it. The cherry one I made was only barely edible. But good company is better than brownies any day.

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