Thursday, November 21, 2013

This schedule does not work for me

So I rushed all day everywhere. I rushed to teach a course at FSI which I loved. I love both the course and teaching and it was so much fun. But then I had to rush back to work, leaving the car at FSI. Then I rushed to my meeting. Then I rushed to get some work done before I had my next meeting. Then I rushed to get the shuttle back to FSI to pick up my car and it left without me. I was running and waving and it just took off without a backward glance. And the problem with the fact that the shuttle left without me was that I couldn't get Child 1 to drive me to FSI because she didn't have her car either.

OK, so what happened was she donated blood for the first time ever and fainted and they made her go home from school, but she wasn't allowed to drive so Gabrielle picked her up but that left the car at the high school. So I had two cars not at home and no way to get either of them. Enter my friend "Caroline" who kindly braved the awful traffic on Route 50 and dropped me off at FSI. So I got in the car and rushed home to help Child 3 make dinner. She wanted meatloaf and it takes an hour to cook, so we made meatloaf. And then I rushed to eat it because Child 1 needed a ride to a college interview and then to pick up her car. And then I rushed home and I am completely exhausted. Now I have to rush to go to sleep. So this might explain why I don't sleep well and why I've had a headache every single day this week and migraines on several of them.

But you know what is not better than a brownie? Getting pulled off the plane on the way home from your vacation to a foreign country and being thrown in a gulag. Because that is what happened to this 85 year old man. Because the country he decided to go to was North Korea, yes, that bastion of fashion.

This 2005 photo provided by the Palo Alto Weekly shows Merrill Newman, a retired finance executive and Red Cross volunteer, in Palo Alto, Calif. An 85-year-old American veteran of the Korean War has been detained in North Korea since last month. The son of Merrill Newman told the San Jose Mercury News on Wednesday his father was taken off a plane set to leave North Korea on Oct. 26. Jeffrey Newman said no reason was given. (AP Photo/Palo Alto Weekly, Nicholas Wright)

So now he is stuck in North Korea, and did I mention he is 85 and they literally pulled him off the plane? North Korea--not in any way comparable to a brownie. Also, please do not go there on vacation.

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