Monday, November 18, 2013

My hair hurts

For those of you keeping track, which is probably only my Mom and she doesn't comment on the blog, which is totally OK because I know she is reading and she sends me e-mails about it, I am on day 3 1/2 of the worst migraine ever. OK. I'm sure some are worse because I am slightly functional after taking a lot of drugs (legal ones, Mom,) but I'm not sure that my math is right. The first twinges began on Friday, so I took some meds. Then Saturday afternoon it was bad, bad, so I took some more so I could go see Child 2 playing in the orchestra. Then Sunday I missed most of the afternoon and it was so bad my eyeballs hurt and I was crying involuntarily because when your eyeballs are in pain, they water.

Then this morning a 4 am the migraine decided it wasn't going to be ignored any longer and it kicked my brain until I woke up and wanted to vomit. So I took more meds, emailed my boss that I would be in late, told Child 3 at 6:45 that if she really had a rash, Husband could take care of it because I was going back to sleep. Then at 8am I was fully awake and sort of functional so I went to work at 10:30 and turned out all the lights in my cubicle and was never more grateful that I don't have a window or a view because it was nice and dim and I actually got some things done. Although I apologize to any co-workers who read the blog if you received drafts of things that don't make sense, and for spelling "or" like "ore" all day long. Just pretend I'm Englishe. They spelle everythinge wronge anywaye. Seriously. Who says "gaol"?

And now, the light from the computer screen is hurting my eyes and I'm so tired and full of paine killerz that I can't remember if eyes really does have two ees. So I'm finishing up and going to bed.

My goading worked and Sister 2 commented! So here is one of her favorite things. Or at least one of my favorite things that she likes, too.

Light the lamp, not the rat! It's almost that time of year again. Child 1 is already listening to Christmas music.

And because Child 2 also commented and read the blog, here is something she likes. Although before we get to the picture, I will point out to her that if you sign up to follow the blog via e-mail, you will receive it automatically and then you can read it at your leisure the next day and you don't have to stay up late waiting for your mom to finish her post. Just sayin, sweetie!

And finally, this picture is better than a brownie.
A mom and fellow blogger found her toddler and new puppy napping together and she started taking pictures of their daily naptime. They are as sweet as any brownie and are heart-melting fleeting moments of joy. Toddlerhood feels like a life-time but it only lasts a minute. Kudos to her for immortalizing it in such an adorable way.


  1. Prayers and soothing, loving headache-banishing thoughts, heading your way, Dear.


  2. so wait, if we comment you will post things we like? (Because I object to your characterization that no on is reading, because I am not no one....and I read every post, thank you very much.) Sorry your head hurts. I put my cranky words in parentheses so they would hit you more softly. ;) Feel better. k.

  3. ugh. I hate migraines like that. I know there's nothing but to get through it and I hope that happens quickly.