Monday, November 11, 2013

Armistice Day

Child 1 and I had a long conversation with an elderly woman in the pharmacy today about why Veteran's Day is important and what it means. She was all ready to complain about children these days not having any respect for history, but she picked the wrong people. Not only is Child 1 probably going to major in history, she also is already an expert on WW II, knows all about Armistice Day, AND lived on an army post twice. She also has veterans in her family, so she was happy to talk with this lady who I think left the pharmacy feeling much better about today's children, even if they don't get November 11th off from school. I am quite proud of Child 1. She was respectful and polite and showed that she is very, very smart. That's my girl!

Speaking of history, Child 2 says she also might major in that. Now, I know some of you are thinking that majoring in history is not all that conducive to earning a living, and you would be wrong, wrong, wrong because I majored in International Relations and I have a fabulous job in my field, which coincidentally also has a lot of history majors in it. Also, you should know that for a large portion of her life, Child 2 wanted to major in Japanese and work for the Pokemon company in Japan, so anything besides Pokemon is a win in our book. If she wanted to major in ice cream flavors, I would be happy as long as it had nothing to do with Pokemon and never required me to watch another Pokemon movie for the rest of my life. Because I love my daughter, I learned much more about that stupid card game than I ever wanted to know. But history! History is something I can not only help with, but can enjoy with her, so major away, my darlings! And we'll worry about the job part after you've got your diplomas.

Having your nose bitten by a crocodile is not better than a brownie.

Ouch! The crocodile latched on to the elephant's trunk; photo from Caters News Agency used by permission

This poor baby elephant learned the hard way not to stick his trunk in where it doesn't belong. He is fine and got away, but I bet it will be a while before he takes a drink without checking for crocs first. Good tip for me when I go to Africa again, although you can be sure I won't be drinking straight from any water holes.

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