Monday, November 25, 2013


I'm not sleeping again. I've had insomnia off and on for most of my life. There would be months where I would wake up in the middle of the night, even when the baby was sleeping, and wander around with nothing to do. I read books, I watch TV, have a snack, but mostly I just toss and turn in bed wishing desperately that I could go to sleep. This version is new because I wake up three or four times, but I eventually get back to sleep. I'm not sure I like it any better because I still feel cheated out of a good night's sleep and I'm still wandering around in a fog during the day. So tonight I took some Benadryl and we'll see if that works. I'm not very hopeful. I'm so tired, my eyes are beginning to look like this.

I'm not sure you can cover that up with makeup.

I'm so tired, that I haven't even started cooking for Thanksgiving yet. In a normal year when Husband isn't going to Afghanistan, I usually start cooking the weekend before. That's when I chop and saute the celery and onions for my awesome stuffing which I am making gluten-free this year. It's also when I start making the pies which I used to be able to buy pastry for but now have to try to make on my own. Tomorrow night, I'm going to get the girls to help me make gluten free French's fried onions. Because I'm bound and determined to make that darn green bean casserole. So hopefully I'll sleep tonight. If not, it will be an interesting day because today I was about at the end of my rope and I was almost sleep-walking to work. I literally stepped out into traffic not remembering that I was supposed to wait for a light. Luckily, there were only a couple of cars and they were in the other lane, so I rushed across and then I was OK. But still, I need to be awake to pay attention.

Shopping on Thanksgiving is not better than a brownie, and most Americans agree with me. I'm surprised because I am right and everyone should agree with me about this! OK. I may not be right, but Thanksgiving in our home is a sacred tradition of family togetherness and eating and watching parades and Christmas movies. Black Friday is for shopping, not Thanksgiving Day. We are going to do Black Friday for the first time ever that the Children remember and then we will never have to do it again. But I'm not starting on Thursday! No way. Because I plan on being way too full to move. I'm telling you my stuffing is awesome!

Random posting of things my friends like--here is something for "Genevieve" who lives in armpit Asia but will be happy at the sight of this. She and her daughter have been medevaced for a short while and I hope this picture makes her happy.

Props to anyone who knows where this is.

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