Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Insanity and hope are pretty much the same thing

I am insane, at least when it comes to broken toilets. Insane is the only word to describe why I think that flushing a stopped up toilet over and over again will eventually fix it. Now, I know that sometimes you can unclog a toilet by flushing once or twice, but 10 is probably excessive and I should just ask Husband to fix it because I feel that I fixed that stupid toilet enough over the past year and I am done with plumbing for a while. But Husband is doing the dishes and I am loathe to interrupt him. And lest you think that I am a lazy housewife and should be doing the dishes myself, let me remind you that he was in Afghanistan for a whole year while I was doing dishes and cooking and vacuuming and fixing toilets. Also it's his night for dishes according to the chore chart. I cooked and I also did Child 1's chore of unloading the dishwasher because she is studying for a math test and we do not interrupt studying and yes, she is really studying. I checked.

It's also a little bit insane for me to think that I will get done every day everything that needs to get done. The problem is that I am a Mom and I have a full-time job outside the house in addition to the Mom thing and even when I was only working for pay part-time, there were still not enough hours in the day and there is no way now that I am gone for 10-11 hours each day that I can get anything done. Thus the chore chart. But the problem is that no one pays attention to the chore chart except me. So I am still the only one doing chores, except for Husband. He came home on time today, so he did his chore and now is picking up Child 2 from clarinet lessons so I am left alone to stress about who is not doing the laundry and why Child 3 still hasn't finished her math after working on it for hours.

Is there a Mom on this planet who isn't stressed? If so, could she come give me lessons? And I should clarify here that her lack of stress should not be due to having three nannies and a personal chef and a driver, etc. Nor should it involve chemical suppression of the stress. Or lots of chocolate. But if you're out there, give me a call because I would like to figure out how you do it. Husband says just leave the worrying to him, but we all know that will not work because he will not worry and then how will anyone remember that Child 3 has a dentist appointment tomorrow and I need to go paint sets for Child 3's Christmas play?

This invisible bike helmet is better than a brownie. More fashionable too. And no, it's not her headband.

I won't spoil the surprise, but it is an awesome idea and looks to me like it could save lives, if only because people would be more likely to wear it. Now, just make it in green and blue and sell it in the US, please. Oh, and pink for Child 3.

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  1. a helpful hint from my fabulous housekeeper in Korea who I greeted with a hug each time she came to my house and the words "Thank you for coming to rescue us from ourselves!": If it is a simple clog of the...um...natural variety, a pot of boiling water can do the trick.....although after flushing 10 times that trick may not work this time. ;) heheh. I also love the bike helmet idea. k.