Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writer's block

I have heard this is a real thing--writer's block. I suppose that by writing about it, I am either assuring that I will get it at some point, or I am cheating. I think it's probably the cheating thing. People have asked me how I come up with things to write about every day and the answer is that if you never write about anything important, then you will have lots and lots to say. For instance, straw bales that you bought for Halloween but have no place to store do not smell very nice after a rain. I am really sick of doing dishes and someone needs to invent pots that clean themselves. And I'm still not too fond of The Dog. See? Nothing to it.

Still no mouse after three days. I must face the fact that it may be gone for good. I wonder what else I'm going to lose--besides my mind which I think actually left shortly after giving birth to Child 3. I'm pretty certain I'll never get that back again. I also can't find my fall coat, but I think that is in the car, so it doesn't really count. And it doesn't matter that I can't find it because I have taken to wearing a cape. I know, you are thinking that there are a couple of things wrong with me wearing a cape and first it's that I'm not Super Girl and second, I am not six feet tall. But you see, capes are very fashion forward and it is not that kind of cape, it is the kind that looks like this.

In fact, it looks exactly like that because I think that is actually a picture of my cape. I feel very runway when I walk down the streets of DC with my fringe swinging, although I do feel a tiny bit guilty because, here is the shocker, my cape is British. But I'm going to wear it anyway, especially since it goes really well with my green sweater from that one British designer that I like. And also, it was a souvenir from my trip last March to London, and I like it.

You know what is better than a brownie? Cute pictures of baby tigers swimming, that's what.

Google the link yourselves because I'm too tired and I can't find my mouse.

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