Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm losing

I have lost my mouse. 100 years ago, that sentence would have meant something different, and probably 100 years it will mean something else altogether. But for right now, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean especially when I say it is cordless which means it could be anywhere in my bedroom or in the house because I picked it up and put it somewhere stupid like the kitchen or the bathroom or anywhere far away from my computer. So the losing has begun and if you know me well, which some of you whom I have never met probably do by now, then you know that what that means is I need a vacation.

You see, I am a Mom with a capital M which means I can always find everything unless someone else moves it which only happens occasionally in our house and never unless company is coming and Husband is in a panic. So I know where everything is because I know where it goes and usually I have put it there. So ask me where Child 3's ladybug socks are and I will tell you they are in the Forever 21 bag that they were put in at the store which I gave to her and told her to put the socks in her drawer but she didn't and instead dumped the bag on top of the white bookcase in the hall and they are still there. The mail key? In the drawer that it is always in. Child 2's algebra book? On the floor of the dining room, of course. But my mouse is nowhere to be found which means I am getting absent minded which means I am stressed which means I need a vacation soon--like yesterday. Unfortunately, because of the whole used all my leave picking Husband up from the airport when he was in Afghanistan problem, I'm not getting one unless you count federal holidays. Thankfully there is one of those next week. We'll see if that solves the whole losing things problem. I doubt it.

Tonight, I got that rarest of treats which was a whole evening chatting with one of my best friends on the couch about nothing and stuff. She and I have been in separate countries until just recently and it's been way too long since we got together. But the awesome thing about best friends is that when you finally do see each other, it's like you never were apart. She still gets me and I still completely know where she is coming from and that is a rare and beautiful thing. I am hopeful that there will be many more couch chats in the future, even though we have to get out our calendars to schedule them because we are way too busy.

This dress is also not better than a brownie.


I don't know what it is about Russian fashion week, but their designers have lost their minds. Birdcages are not accessories and a bird cannot be a bracelet. And worst of all, why would you create a dress that makes a runway model look like she has huge hips and thighs? That, my friends, is an outright crime and someone needs to arrest that designer. Pronto. And also turn him in to PETA because I'm pretty certain that bird is really unhappy.

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