Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sniff, sniff

Today was not a banner day. Husband is having a severe allergy attack, and I am not feeling well, as usual. Oh, and I stepped in a hole and twisted my foot and now it hurts to walk on it. Thankfully, I have well trained children and as soon as I twisted my ankle, they put my on the couch, propped up the foot, got me a bag of ice and a glass of water, and then they made me lunch. They are very, very sweet girls. I couldn't ask for better children, except for when it comes time to do the dishes. Then they turn into normal children ad disappear and pretend that they can't see the dishes and complain that they did it last time when really it was me who did it last time and the time before. See, totally normal children. But when it comes to taking care of a sick or injured Mom, they rock. Child 1 did complain that I'm always broken, but I think she meant it to be sympathetic.

The best thing about the day, though, was that Artemis and Adonis came over for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the food I cooked, and stayed to chat. They are moving away soon, and I will miss them horribly. So I intend to spend as much time as I can soaking up their company before they desert me permanently. The only good thing is that they are moving to a point that is in between my parents' home and Husband's family, so perhaps there will be opportunities in the future to see them. If not, I will just have to make some. I know for a fact that planes do fly to where they are moving and it is not nearly as far as say, Africa or Asia, so there is hope that I will get there.

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day and I am very grateful to all the veterans who have worked to keep me and my family safe--especially those in my family. You all know I love Hawaii, but what you may not know is that last time I was there, I unexpectedly and completely accidentally found my Great Uncle's grave in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. And that was way, way better than a brownie.

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  1. YOU are better than a brownie, Honey. I miss you desperately already.