Saturday, November 16, 2013

That corn is not as tall as an elephant.

I'm blogging on my phone again. I'm waiting patiently for the high school musical to begin.  Child 2 is in the orchestra and we are here merely to hear her play. We'll see if I survive--not because it won't be good, but because I can feel the migraine starting and I'm pretty sure live musicals are not good for migraines. But I have peanut butter fudge to eat and water to drink and about a billion raffle tickets to support the Class of 2014 which is so wrong. Husband and I laughed and laughed when we realized what year it would be when Child 1 graduated and now it is almost here. How did it get to be almost 2014?

I am not feeling well because iate some cheese this afternoon. I know you are thinking that was a dumb idea and I completely agree. But we were at a party with a bunch of Husband's foreign service friends from Afghanistan and it was the only thing that was gluten free. So now I am paying for it.

The overture is starting. Got to go! Still,  that corn prop is way too short. Elephant my foot.

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