Saturday, November 30, 2013

I so need chocolate

Today was not a great day. In fact, it was so not great that if I could eat chocolate, I would. I would have ingested bars and bars of it. Maybe an entire bag of M&Ms. Or all the Reese's that I could get my hands on. Just nothing went right, starting with that I told Gabrielle to come over at 8 am and then I overslept.

And then it went downhill from there. One thing that did go right is that the tree arrived. We found this amazing tree farm that delivers incredibly fresh trees and sets them up for you. So they came with the tree and apparently it has been raining straight for days at their farm so it is really fresh and will last and last. Which is awesome, except my eyes keep itching because if you remember I discovered that I am really, really allergic to trees. And cats, but there are no cats in the house and I am not giving up the Christmas tree. So I'll be taking a bunch of allergy medicine and I'm hoping it will not kill me. Death by Christmas tree.

How could something so pretty be so terrible for me? I guess it's just like cookies.

And since it's Christmastime, this is not better than a brownie, but it's super creative.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Christmas tree

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