Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pie crust success

I made an awesome gluten-free pie crust tonight. In fact, the crust was so good that Child 2 said she liked it better than the pumpkin pie filling. So now that we have an awesome crust, we'll go back to the original filling and I think we have a winner! The crust is chopped almonds, brown sugar and butter. It's like having pumpkin streusel and I'm so happy I can't tell you because I was determined to have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving which is coming up quicker than I would have thought. This is the pie.
Pumpkin Pie with Brown Sugar-Pecan Crust | SAVEUR

So our purging exercise is off to a decent start. I got rid of a whole laundry basket of stuff. Now I just have about 100 more baskets to go. See, the idea is to have only a few things that can collect dust. So that means the books are mostly going and a lot of the clothes. But not the shoes. I can't get rid of any of my shoes just yet, partly because I am still wearing them. Maybe I'll find a pair or two to get rid of, but my navy Swiss dotted platforms that I bought when I didn't get an award are staying. Because I need them. Really. I will fight anyone who tries to take them from me. And I will win. I love those shoes.

This dress is not in any way close to being better than a brownie. On the scale of brownieness, if a brownie is a 10, then this shipwreck of a dress is a -99, and it is literally a wreck of a dress and I'm not sure what the stilts add to it. Or the mast. I mean really, why would you make a woman look like a schooner? So thank you, Russian design wrecker, for making very glad that I know the difference between a dress and a mode of transportation. I'm not certain that he does.


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