Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The year without Thanksgiving

I think I'm skipping Thanksgiving this year. I know, you are thinking that if I wanted to skip a holiday, why Thanksgiving and why not last year when I was sick from some still undiagnosed disease? Well, last year I had to pull it together because Husband was in Afghanistan and I wanted something to be as normal as possible. Plus, I invited Artemis and you can't invite someone to Thanksgiving and then not have Thanksgiving. So we had it and I paid for it for weeks, health-wise, because I made it all out of non-gluten-free ingredients.

This year, I was planning on having Thanksgiving, but no one wants to help. In fact, no one wants to even be in the kitchen while I cook. So I may just skip it altogether. You see, in order to do Thanksgiving properly, you have to start cooking days ahead. Usually I make the pies on Tuesday and the sweet potatoes on Wednesday which is when I also start the stuffing (gluten free this year.) Then that just leaves the Turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole for Thursday and voila! But this year no one wants to help make the pies. Child 2 wanted to make cookies, but those are for her friends, and Child 3 wanted to read The Hunger Games, and Child 1 left in a huff with some games and said ugh why was I being so difficult and she always helps me on Thanksgiving and just relax already. So we'll see. If I get the same reaction tomorrow night, all they will have to eat is some fried onions (which I tried tonight to make gluten-free for that green bean casserole and I'm not sure I really like so I may make some different ones tomorrow) and leftover mushroom pasta. Good luck, family! I have an invitation to dinner which I already declined, but I may just call them up and ask if I can come by myself. Because I am so very tired of doing everything by myself, I'm just not going to any more. Children, I know how to make this. Do you?

My friend "Caroline" reminded me this morning that she is a very loyal reader. I know she is because she often brings up things from the blog and we have conversations about the things in it and she has read all my funny stories already, yet she still laughs when I tell them. She is a good friend, that Caroline. So because she reads regularly and because she has a long drive tomorrow for Thanksgiving, here is something to make her laugh.

In case you can't tell, that is a wall sconce. With pink feathers. AND crystals. I so want GSO to put these in my next house. Please, oh please can someone make that happen? Because you see, I secretly delight in the ugly furniture and have a lot of fun pointing out to people that I would never do things like purchase sofas that have gold and silver leaf on them, or put 7 end tables in one living room, or think that orange would blend with the red, blue, and taupe chairs already in the house (all things I actually had to live with.) So pink feathered wall sconces? What could make you smile more than that after a hard day on the visa line?

This suitcase's placement is better than a brownie--way better!

Giant Louis Vuitton suitcase in Red Square (EPA/SERGEI ILNITSKY)

Yes, that is a giant Luis Vuitton suitcase, and that is Red Square in Moscow behind it. I was in Red Square a long time ago when it was still in the Soviet Union and I can tell you that there were no Luis Vuitton suitcases to be had in the whole country, let alone one in Red Square. So way to go LV! Nothing like a little (or in this case giant) capitalism next to Lenin's tomb.

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  1. We had crystal wall sconces in Korea....no feathers though. heh. k.